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Vietnam Visa Multiple entry

First of all, we would like to inform you that our visa service available at the airport only. Therefore your visa must be picked up at the airport of Vietnam when you arrive if you use our visa service.

Warning : You should contact Vietnamese embassy to get visa if you NOT entering Vietnam by air.

Please consider our advice below to decide single or multiple entries visa.

 Vietnam visa single entry allows you enter/ exit Vietnam 1 time or it is also called visa with single use. Once your single entry visa used, you can not entering again Vietnam with this used visa. You must apply for the new one if you want to come back Vietnam again. For example, with 1 month single entry visa, you can enter Vietnam stay for less than 30days. You can not re-enter Vietnam if you exit Vietnam after 10days staying, even your visa valid for 30days.

  Vietnam visa multiple entry allows you enter / exit Vietnam unlimited times as long as your visa still valid. Your multiple entries visa must be picked at the airport when you arrive. After getting your multiple entries visa at the airport, you can exit & re-entering Vietnam at any port s you want.


Vietnam Business visa? Or Vietnam tourist visa?


  Vietnam Business visa is a visa for businessmen/women who have business, job, or company,… in Vietnam.

  Vietnam Tourist visa is a visa for all people who would like to visit Vietnam as tourist.


Anybody can apply visa to Vietnam as Vietnam tourist visa or Vietnam Business visa. Because it is not very important for you to apply tourist visa or business visa and the price is the same. It just take difference as multiple or single visa.

In conclusion, your visa must be picked up upon arrival at the airport of Vietnam, you can exit Vietnam at any port you want after you get your visa stamped on your passport at the airport. We recommend you apply for multiple entries visa if you intend to enter/exit Vietnam many times for a period.

Saving you time & money is our first priority.

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